Anchors Inc.—Brief introduction

    ANCHORS INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE CORP. is a international professional chemical material company from Taiwan, majored in R&D and production of chemical materials.

Since 1988 we start to develop variety of methods of chemical construction material and to combine the specials of all kind of materials for application. We have many products and methods and achieved many professional rights.

With the trend of international sales, we created ourselves mark "A&GOOD". We have professional method combined with our good products and the best services, we can provide the best solution of structure repair and strengthening for our clients all over the world.

Because of continued creation and R&D, we have be a famous company in construction engineer. We have beyond the platform of structure repair system material and working method, we will be the expert of construction strengthening and water stopping projects. We will try our best to provide a environment of life, which is "no living worried, no walking worried", for construction area.

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A&Good Products:

1. Rebar setting injection system, A-100 and serial products.
2. Chemical anchor system, AEG and serial products.
3. Water stopping system for super high pressure, AS2000 and serial products.
4. Carbonefiber reinforcement system used for professional area, AEC and serial products.
5. Waterproof system, AF and serial products.
6. Epoxy repair, AE and serial products.
7. Non-shrinking hi-strength cement system, AC and serial products.
8. New Product,AD energy dissipation and shock absorption System.

ISO9001 and UKAS Certification

Anchor's target

Company Target

Establish "professional " leadership and improve the whole efficiency.

Stick to "quality" management and what we say is what we do.

Perform "service" spirit and win good credits.

Anchor's spirit

Company Spirit

Our deal spirit : except ,no deal we can't accept.

Our task spirit : except no doing ,no task we can't complete.

Our management spirit : except self-close ,no skill we can't study.

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Project Name
AEC Reinforcement Works of Taiwan High Speed Rail Lot C295 OCS Port
Reinforcement Works of Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Reinforcement Works of Dali Kindheartedness Hospital
Reinforcement Works of Taipei Far Eastern Department Store
Reinforcement Works of Chung-shing Hall, Taiwan Provincial Government
Reinforcement Works of Taipei World Trade Center
Reinforcement Works of Structure Reinforcement Project Office of Keelung Harbor Bureau
Reinforcement Works of Taipei Asiaworld Shopping Mall
Reinforcement Works of Carrefour Chung Teh Store in Taichung
Reinforcement Works of Taiwan Jungkung Metro Institute
Reinforcement Works of District Court Archives Library in Kaohsiung
Reinforcement Works of Steel Plate of Winbond Electronics in Taichung
Plant Reinforcing Bars of Southern Taiwan Science Park for Taiwan High Speed Rail C291
AEC Reinforcement of Transformer House of Taiwan High Speed Rail Lots C220, 240, 260, 291, 295
Reinforcement of Steel Plate of Chung Hwa College of Medical Technology
Structure Reinforcement Works of Pan Asia Bank in Kaohsiung
Steel Plate Reinforcement of Tungfeng Shareholding Company Limited in Yunlin Industrial Park
Works of Plant Reinforcing Bars of Kaochieh R15 and R16
Plant Reinforcing Bars and Unshrinkage Perfusion Works of Liuching
Unshrinkage Perfusion Works of Steel Structure Foundation of Kaochieh R18 and R19 Stations
Urgent Repair Unshrinkage Perfusion Works of Kaochieh 09
Reinforcement Works of CMO in Nanke
Fibre Reinforcement Works of Guotai Taipei Chunghwa Building
Anti-bending Reinforcement Works of South Leader Tun Floor Plate
Structure Reinforcement Works of Science Library in Tamkang University
Structure Reinforcement Works of Green Bank and New Town behind Inner Lake
Structure Reinforcement Works of RC Girder in Basement of Chientan Green Garden
AEC Reinforcement Works of Electronic Library of Kwang Wu Junior College of Tech
Project Name
AEC Reinforcement Works of Skylark Yunghe Store
Reinforcement Works of Apricot Case in Tucheng City
Reinforcement Works of Maichu Building of Kinmen Aged Cellar Liquor (Kincheng)
Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Works of MRT Muzha Line P9006, P12013
Structure Reinforcement Works of Hwatai Bank Tulin Branch
Comprehensive Structure Reinforcement Works of Keelung Detention House
Profiled Bar and AEC Reinforcement Works of Cathay United Bank
Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Works of National Earthquake Centre College
Reinforcement Works of Taiwan Mingpan Linkou Plant
Reinforcement Works of New Youta Lungtan Factory
Reinforcement and Crack Jnjection Works of ASE Neili Factory
Reinforcement Works of Retaining Wall of Changsheng Power Plant
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Taiwan Power Co. (Kueishan)
Repair Works of Service Building for Police of Chukeyuan
Carbon Fibre, Crack Injection and Waterproof Works of Hukou Sewage Factory
Steel Structure Reinforcement Works of in DelSolar (Chuke)
AF Waterproof Works of Taishin Bank(Nanliao),
Cutting Works of Plant Reinforcing Bars of Nanya Technology 3rd Factory
Reinforcement Works of Newly Added H-shaped Steel Structure of Computer Room of Jih Sun Securities
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Life Center of Taichung Fengyi
Structure Reinforcement Works Miaoli Lipao
AE EPOXY Injection Works of Winbond
EPOXY Terrace Works of Construction Site of Yungchi in Taichung
Works of AC Unshrinkable and Plant Reinforcing Bars of Taiwan High Speed Rail Wurih
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Construction Site of Youtianxia field in Taichung
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Construction Site of Mayuantouxi in Taichung
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Tianmu Campus of Taipei Institute of P.E.
Reinforcement Works of Girder Steel Panel of Taipei Shenqi Villa
Unshrinkable Injection Works engineering of Zhenglung Litsu
Unshrinkable Cement Mortar Works of f Wuyi National Century Centre
Project Name
Non-leakage Reinforcement Works of Shanghai Mid-loop Road
Reinforcement Works of Shanghai AEPEC International Conference Centre
Non-leakage Works of M2 Pumping Station of Shanghai Pudong
Waterscape Waterproof Works of Shanghai Dafeng Electronics
Reinforcement Works of Jiangnan Dockyard
Reinforcement Works of Hongta Hotel
Reinforcement Works of Far East Finance Building
Reinforcement Works of Office Building of Aviation Administration of East China
AEX Terrance Works of Shanghai Guanghui Electronics
AS Non-leakage Works of Oriental Petrochemical (Shanghai) Corporation
AEC Reinforcement Works of Shanghai Meters Bonwe
AS Non-leakage Works of Line 2 of Shanghai Subway
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Shanghai Xinge Metal
Non-leakage Works of Shanghai Sandeli
Unshrinkage Cement Injection Works of ShangHai Hanbell
Reinforcement Works of Carbon Fibre of Electronic Girder of Shanghai Taiji
Waterproof works of Shanghai Alexander Chamber
Crack Reinforcement Works of Beijing Ocean House
Reconstruction Works of Underground Garage of Beijing Yuanjingyuan District
Reinforcement Works of Drilling Girder of 2nd Phase of Beijing Yingcai International Village
Ladder Beam Reinforcement Works of Elementary School in Beijing Xima Block
Crack Injection Works of Beijing Huilong Guanlong Boyuan Block
Crack Injection Works of Beijing Lvying Homestead Block
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Agricultural Trading Market of Beijing Qinglong Bridge
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Houses for Auto Team of Beijing Academy
Non-leakage Works of Sewage Processing Pond of Beijing Jinyuan Environmental Protection
Works of Stainless Steel Chemical Anchor in Sewage Field of Oil Refining Department of Taijin Dagang Oil Field
Reconstruction Works of Outlet Pond of Rain water Pump of Taijin Jianguo Road
Project Name
Reinforcement Works of Ningbo Tiancheng Hotel
Works of Chemical Anchor of Ningbo Yisheng Petrifaction
Reinforcement Works of Wan'an Business Mansion of Yuyao
Reinforcement Works of Plant Reinforcing Bars of Ningbo Pitman Hotel
Chemical Anchor Works of Ningbo Feilong Steel Framework Co., Ltd,
Reinforcement Works of Zhenhai Foreign Language Experimental School in Ningbo
Chemical Anchor Works of Gaoqiao Baijiayuan Supermarket of Ningbo
Reinforcement Works of Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics Co., Ltd.
Reinforcement Works of Carbon Fibre of Ailiu Business Centre of Ningbo
Chemical Anchor Works of 3# Workshop of Ningbo Swell Automobile Trimming Parts Co., Ltd
Crack Reinforcement Works of Suzhou AU Optronics
Reinforcement Works of Carbon Fibre and Unshrinkage Cement of Panasonic Motor (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Reinforcement Works of Xiamen Huaxia power
The Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Yinzhou Water Supply Plant
Reinforcement Works of Carbon Fibre in the Splendid Pearl Block in Fenghua
Non-leakage Works of Fenghua Sewage Processing Factory
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Thermoelectricity Plant in Xiaogang Development Zone
Reinforcement Works of Carbon Fibre of Beilun Power Plant
Reinforcement Works of Carbon Fibre of Beilun Daxie Merchants International Dock
Waterproof Works of Yuyao Haikuotiankong Sauna Club
Viscidity Steel Reinforcement Works of Building of Industrial and Commercial Administration of Yuyao City
Reinforcement Works of Weixing Vegetable Field of Yuyao City
Crack Repair and Reinforcement Works of Cixi Home Appliances Exhibition Centre
Crack Reinforcement Works of Kunshan Pengxi Park
Plant Reinforcing Bars Works of Jinshan Donglan Hotel
Project Name
Chengdu Zipingpu Power plant house reinforcement engineering
Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Expansion Project
Precipitation tank of Chengdu Banknote Printing Plant
Plant of Chengdu Aircraft (Group) Co Ltd
IBM Chengdu Office Building
Crack Repair of Chengdu IKEA
New Office Building Anchoring of Chengdu Municipal People's Government
Post Building of Chengdu North Railway Station
Crack repair of Campus Bridge of Chengdu
Chengdu Yangliu River Bridge
Teaching Building of University of Electronic and Technological Science of China
Chengdu Wanguan Electro-mechanical City
Office Building of Sichuan Water Conservancy Department
Office Building of Sichuan Petroleum Administration
Sichuan Toyota Motor Co Ltd
Sichuan Provincial Stadium
Rebar setting injection system for water drawing hub of Guizhou's Qianbei Power Station
Crack Repair of Guizhou Xishui Hydraulic Power Station
Liupanshui Cement Plant of Guizhou
Hubei Longtan River Bridge
Hubei Shuanghekou Bridge
Yichang Baziling Tunnel
Kaixian White Crane Power Station of Chongqing
Chongqing Natural Gas Purification Plant
Ya'an Old Beimen Bridge
Plant of Ya'an Boxing Weina Co Ltd
Ya'an Shimian Nanya River Power Station
Leshan Dongfeng Department Store
Technical renovation of Sichuan Hebang Group
Leshan Jiayang Power Plant
Pengshan Pengzu Square
Project Name
Renovation of Emeishan Grand Hotel
Yibin Xiajiangbei Power Station
Yibin Sanfang Community
Luzhou Natural Gas Chemical Co Ltd
Technical Renovation of Desulfurisation of Neijiang Baima Power Station
Neijiang Chamber Building
Office Building of Neijiang Social Security Bureau
Office Building of Neijiang Township Enterprise Bureau
Mianyang Hanlong Bridge
Renovation and expansion of Mianyang Xinhua Labour Camp
Technical Renovation of Jiangyang Power Plant
Technical Renovation of Mianzhu Longmang Titian Co Ltd
Mianzhu Chuanrun Chemical Co Ltd
Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co Ltd
Renovation of Deyang Jinghu Lake
Deyang Shuxiangmendi
Technical Renovation of Suining Stars Electric Power and Thermal Power Plant
Suining Parkson Mall
Suining Hotel
China Dead Sea Hotel
Nanchong Wastewater Treatment Plant
Dazhou Central Sub-branch, Bank of China
Xichang Liuhong Power Station
Xichang Jinping Power Station
Kangding Water Works
Kangding Int'l Hot Spring Hotel

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